Pete Love

Client Side Developer & Interaction Designer

"I've had Technical Directors for some of the biggest global brands asking about him because they've never seen a quality of work quite like it."

Matt Connolly, Digital Strategist

"One of the incredibly rare breed of Interaction Designers… an incredible asset to any company"

Alex Morris, User Experience Director

"Pete presents a unique mix of creativity and technology… Truly one in a million"

Nic Rodgers, Technical Director

About me

I have been working primarily as a front end developer throughout my 23 years experience in the web industry, and have also worked professionally as both an interaction designer, user interface designer, and digital image editor.

I was an early adopter of CSS based layouts, and was engaged with Repsonsive Design since its formative period. I am an advocate of both web standards and accessibility

I have worked for award winning digital agencies, and for in-house IT teams. I currently work as a Client Side Tech Lead for an organisation based in Cardiff, Wales, where I work on the development of web component libraries and oversee client side development across multiple teams.